Mardasport Technical Leaflet
TERMINAL Name Mardas Terminal - Ambarlı Port Facilities
  Stevedore Mardas Marmara Maritime Management SA
  Address Ambarlı Liman Tesisleri, Mardas İskelesi, Büyükçekmece 34900 Yakuplu İstanbul, Türkiye
  Telephone +90 (212) 875 27 32
  Fax +90 (212) 875 27 38/39
  E-mail liman@mardas.com.tr (Terminal general communication account)
  Web Site www.mardas.com.tr
  Contact Person

Capt.Gokhan Bekircan

Time Zone GMT+2 or GMT+3 if summer time
Port Management Status Private
Pilot Station Latitude/Longitude 40º 56' 60" North - 028º 40' 65" East 
(Arpas Pilot Authorized in Ambarlı)
  Distance to Berth 2 miles
Manoeuvring Hour 24 Hours
Period of Extra Pilotage   Sunday & official holidays
  Night Time 24 hours working, no extra for overnight working
  Holidays %50 surcharge is applicable for pilotage, towage and mooring during Sunday and official holidays
Tidal Restriction Nil
Channel   No
Draft/Air Draft 20 M - No Air Draft Restriction
Turning Limitation Nil
Water Density(Sea Water/Fresh Water/Mix) 1015-1020
Berth Window or 1st Come 1st Serve(By Service) 1st Come 1st Serve
Berths Number 2 Berths
  Length 390+520=910 meters in total.
  Draft 16 m maximum permissible draft
Jety Length 530m
  Width 30m
  Height 3,5 m from sea level.
Equipment Number of Shore Gantries none
  Number of Mobile Grane 11 units
  Out Reach/Air Draft 6 cranes - 18 row / 3 cranes 17 row / 2 cranes 16 row
  Safety Working Load 40 t for containers 140t for project cargoes.
  Productivity Per G/C 18 moves per hour
  Numbers of RTG 8
  Numbers of Stackers 14
  Terminal Tractors 30
  Numbers of Reefer Point 450 plugs
Working Shifts Numbers 3 shifts
  Hours 08:00/16:00 - 16:00/24:00 - 00:00/08:00
Capacity Measure of CY Yard 8000 teu in inland CY depot,
Cargo Types Container All container handling, storage and CFS services.
  Project & General Cargo Available
  Dry Bulk Available
Off-Dock Terminal/Depot 125.000 sqm (Bonded warehouse 3440 sqm indoor, 33.400 sqm outdoor)
Inland Container Depot 58.205 sqm (720 sqm bonded warehouse)
Period of Extra Handling Charge Tariff rates are standard at all times. No extra charges for weekend, official or religious holidays.
Special DG cgo Regulation Imco 1 - 7 not acceptable. 2.1 code DG cargo transfer directly to ship or (from ship) no storing permitted.
Other Restrictions No stuffing/stripping of IMDG code cargos within the terminal area.
CFS Operator Mardasport
  Working Hours Offices: 08:00-17:00. Yard: 08:00-17:00.
  Security Dome cameras 24 hour recording. Security people during working hours. Restricted area regulations applied.
Rail Facility None
Airport Distance 15 km to Atatürk International Airport
Hours of Working Office: 08:30-17:30
    Vessel Operations: Mon-Sun 24 hours.
    Gate: Mon-Sun 24 hours
Security ISPS compliant. Private security company. 30 cameras 24 hour recording.
Fresh Water Supply Available by trucks and tanker vessels.
Garbage Removal Authorised service supplier is public company. 24 hours notice required.
Seamen's Club No
Crew Change Possible
Official Holidays (No extra charge) 1st Jan., 23rd April, 1st May, 19th May, 30th August and 29th October.
Religious Holidays (No extra charge) Ramadan Festival (3 days) and Festival of Sacrifices (4 days). Dates vary according to Muslim Calendar