Agency Services

Apart from Port Management, our agency department, which is run as a separate department under the umbrella of Mardaş Marmara Maritime Management, provides agency services to third party companies.

Thanks to its experience of over 33 years in agency services and the diversity of our company’s fields of activity, it is able to offer urgent solutions that will minimize the loss of time and money on behalf of the operator and the customer, against all problems that may arise during navigation or operation.

Other Services

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General Freight Services

With our field cranes with a lifting capacity of 140 tons and special equipment, we provide palletized, big bag, packaged or bundle handling services to general cargo, bulk cargo and project cargo ships of all types. Operation of heavy tonnage loads up to 280 tons is
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Storage and Warehouse Services

Our facility, which has a bonded and duty-free open area of ​​130,000 m² in total, consisting of 5 separate sections connected to the main port area, provides general cargo storage and handling services as well as storage and ancillary services supporting container operations.
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Container Services

Our facility has all the infrastructure, machinery and experienced personnel required for container terminal services,
Container loading, unloading, shifting services
Container terminal services
CFS services (container internal loading, internal unloading, sampling, full detection, etc.)