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Container Services

Our facility has all the infrastructure, machinery and experienced personnel required for container terminal services,
Container loading, unloading, shifting services
Container terminal services
CFS services (container internal loading, internal unloading, sampling, full detection, etc.)
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General Freight Services

With our field cranes with a lifting capacity of 140 tons and special equipment, we provide palletized, big bag, packaged or bundle handling services to general cargo, bulk cargo and project cargo ships of all types. Operation of heavy tonnage loads up to 280 tons is
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Storage and Warehouse Services

Our facility, which has a bonded and duty-free open area of ​​130,000 m² in total, consisting of 5 separate sections connected to the main port area, provides general cargo storage and handling services as well as storage and ancillary services supporting container
Since 1991

One of Turkey’s first private ports
Mardaş Marmara Maritime Management

Mardas Marmara Deniz Isletmeciligi, one of Turkey’s first private port, started its port operation activities in 1991. Founded to carry out the port operations of iron and steel products traded by the group companies, Mardaş has become a structure that serves the third parties over time. In 2002, together with the increasing importance of maritime transport container operations, Mardas became the container port and took its place among Turkey’s top 10 container ports.

Thanks to the location and its connection to Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea and the Black Sea is at a central place in container trade of Turkey and has a strategical importance in the transit freight corridor between Europe and the Far East.

Mardas is a well-established company that provides services in all areas of the maritime sector with its sister companies, which also operate as shipowners, brokers, shipyards and agencies.



Customs Field Area

106.279 m²

Total Terminal Area

215.977 m²

TEU Handling Capacity

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Our Certificates

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Information Society Services

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Human Resources

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Greenport-Eko Port
Certified port.

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