Integrated Management System Policy

As Mardaş Marmara Maritime Management Joint Stock Company, we aim to be a leader in Port Management, Agency Services and Temporary Storage Services.

Our company is in line with this goal;

  • To work with an understanding based on mutual benefit in our relations with our suppliers, by providing timely and error-free, contemporary, customer-oriented services that our customers can choose with confidence,
  • To comply with integrated management system requirements, national and international legal and other requirements,
  • To ensure continuous improvement by applying scientific methods for development and growth, following technological developments, and monitoring the performance of the integrated management system,
  • To prevent occupational health and safety hazards and risks at their source or reduce risks to an acceptable level, with a systematic approach in all activities in order to prevent work accidents, occupational diseases, injuries and health deterioration,
  • To ensure the occupational health and safety of our employees, external suppliers, customers and other relevant stakeholders,
  • To ensure the determination of worker representatives and to consult with working personnel and ensure their participation in order to ensure the successful implementation and continuous development of the Occupational Health and Safety management system,
  • To reduce waste, to separate it correctly at the source, to minimize the harm of existing waste to the environment and to reuse, recycle or dispose of it appropriately in order to protect the environment and prevent pollution,
  • To protect natural resources, use energy and materials efficiently and save money for sustainable resource management,
  • To prevent water and sea pollution caused by port activities,
  • To organize the necessary training and awareness activities for the adoption and implementation of the Integrated Management System by our employees and other relevant stakeholders, and to support their requests, opinions and creative solution suggestions,

We will have basic approaches.

Mardaş Marmara Maritime Management Joint Stock Company believes and undertakes that the successful implementation and continuous development of the Integrated Management System will be possible with the participation of the working personnel and their training, and the timely and effective allocation of resources.