Human Resources Policy

Our company has adopted the principle of providing innovative and sustainable services based on customer focus in its field. Our human resources strategy, which rewards success and is based on inter-employee cooperation, aims to develop and sustain the talent of all employees and to create and sustain a corporate culture that is compatible with our company vision, mission and values.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create changes in services in Turkish Maritime industry and turn them into services, to lead and guide the industry and to provide world-class services.

Our Mission and Values

With the principle of continuous improvement, development and efficiency in our growing, developing world and Turkish Maritime industry;

our mission is to provide services
that are respectful to human beings and the environment,
that meet the expectations of our customers
and to provide services growing with the satisfaction of our internal and external stakeholders.

Recruitment and Career Planning Policy

To employ adult manpower in our company, which is open to innovation and change, adopting and maintaining our common values and performing the right job in the right position,

To create a corporate structure that develops business and the employees creating added value while controlled by productive employees,

To establish systems that reward success and ensure continuity,
To create opportunities to increase the efficiency and productivity of our employees

To ensure equal opportunity for employees, managing all processes transparently and fairly

To develop and implement training and development programs for employees to increase their knowledge, skills and competencies